Here at The W.A.I – Warrior Arts of Indonesia we pride ourselves on following the idea of ‘Silaturahmi’ or Silat brotherhood.  For us, it is about being open and inclusive and not just about promoting our martial art styles.  That is a part of course but it is far more than that.  We have received so much from Silat teachers and practitioners so we are always looking to open doors for those people to be known and to share their own Silat styles and culture, hence feature articles and blog posts about a whole range of styles.

That being said, we do offer a few things, namely the following (hover over each):


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We are a politics-free organisation and enthusiastic about all Indonesian martial arts groups.  As such we are always happy to consult or offer some guidance on anything related to the warrior arts of Indonesia.  Get in touch with us via our contact page if you want to use any of our services or have any questions.  We look forward to hearing from you.