The birth of Silek Tuo Minang coincided with that of the Minangkabau land that was promoted by Dt. Marajo Panjang from Padang Panjang and Dt. Bandaharo Kayo from Pariangan.  From the thought of Dt. Marajo Panjang and Dt. Bandaharo kayo was born the three original laws;

  1. Laws of Simumbang Jatuah
  2. Laws of Sigamak – Gamak
  3. Laws of Silamo – Lamo

These three laws then became the standard of rule of the two Datuk; Dt. Perpatiah nan Sabatang and Dt. Ketumanggungan and collectively became known by the name “Bajanjang Naiak Batanggo Turun”.  It was during this time period that Dt. Suri Dirajo created the science of self-defence which is known as “Silek”.  Previous to that Dt. Suri Dirajo had inherited a self-defence science that was not Silek Tuo from his father Cati Bilang Pandai and the Sultan, Maharajo Dirajo.  The science of self-defence inherited by his father was called “Gayuang”.

Gayuang is a science of self-defence used to fight or to defeat the rival.  It consisted of two sorts; Physical Gayuang and Mental Gayuang. What is meant by “Gayuang Lahir” (Physical Gayuang) is to kick with a toe to three killing targets or more well-known in Minangkabau with the name “Sajangka Duo Jari” (two fingers measurement).

The three main targets are 1) around the neck (Adam’s Apple), 2) pit of stomach (Solar Plexus), and 3) the groin or male genital area.  It was these targets that were the main source in the creation of Silek. The science of Gayuang Angin (Mental) is a fighting technique to defeat the rival with the mental strength source directed to three vital targets in the body; heart, lymph gland and liver. There also exists another mental fight which is not called “Gayuang” since it uses some other non-physical tools.  This form of science could be varied; Sijundai, Tinggam, Sewai, Parmayo are some of them.  This particular science is still kept by the old people of Minangkabau up till this day and is known as a saving science (Panaruahan).

Beside “Gayuang science” owned by Dt. Suri Dirajo, he also inherited self-defence science from the four followers of Sultan Maharajo Dirajo.  These were the war generals; Kuciang Siam, Harimau Campo, Kambiang Hutan and Anjieng Mualim.

Kuciang Siam

Kuciang Siam was a follower of Sultan Maharajo Dirajo.  His name was Ko-Chin and he came from Siam now known as Thailand.  It was honoured to Ko-Chin because of the science of self-defence he owned theoretically represented the movement of cat and had within it many characteristics of a cat.

Harimau Campo

Harimau Campo or Campa hailed from Kampuchea, known now as Cambodia and the name was honoured to him because of the science of self-defence he owned was totally based on mimicking movements and mannerisms of the tiger.

Kambiang Hutan

Kambiang Hutan, whose first name was Kan-Bin was expert of self-defence from Cambay to the north of Malabar or modern-day Kerala in southern India.  His self-defence was based on the goat movement and thus he was honoured to the name of Kambiang Hutan.

Anjieng Mualim

Was named so because of the science of his self-defence as well as the strategy of fighting to defeat rivals was based on the movement of a dog. His real name was An-Jin and he originated from around Persia or close to modern-day Iran.  The word Mualim means ‘the navigator’.

As Dt. Suri Dirajo inherited all of these various combat methods he assimilated them into his Gayuang.  This gave rise to the first name known as Silek Usali (original Silek or Silek Tuo (old)), but later became known as Silek Tuo (old Silek).

Guru Edwardo Guci St Panduko