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Welcome to The WAI – Pencak Silat & Warrior Arts of Indonesia

Thank you for visiting The Warrior Arts of Indonesia or The W.A.I (pronounced ‘way’) for short.  This is the home site of Pencak Silat Anyar Cimande Buhun (A.C.B) and Silek Tuo Pagu Pagu (S.T.P.P).  Click on each style logo below to discover more about them.

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The Warrior Arts of Indonesia explores Pencak Silat.  Look out for new blog posts and videos relating to them.  In conjunction with several other partners, we host training trips to Indonesia as well as conduct workshops and seminars. Feel free to get in touch about anything relating to Indonesian martial arts.


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Bob Breen – U.K Martial Arts Legend

Bob High Elbow

“Johnny Silmon is one of the pioneers of Indonesian martial arts in Europe. A superb individual his knowledge of the tradition is deep and wide. Not only a great teacher and Martial artist he’s also a great human being. Friendly, inclusive, and open to the new. Like a true warrior his strength isn’t on show but there when it’s needed. A great guy I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Mark Young – Head Instructor Ripon Silat Academy / Osteopath

Mark Young

“Johnny Silmon is a man of exceptional knowledge and talent.  I have shared in three of his many trips to Indonesia and experienced first hand his knowledge of many different silat styles and seen the respect he has earned in the homeland of Indonesian martial arts. He is generous and open-hearted, a man of great principle and fun to be with.  Knowledge of this kind is hard earned.  If you get the chance to train with Johnny or learn from him in other ways – take it!

Bob Sykes – Founder / Editor of M.A.I Magazine


“An accomplished martial artist and a true scholar of Silat are just two phrases that one could use to describe a person that I have been blessed to know on many levels.”

Jude Law – Actor

Jude Law

” I have trained with Johnny many years now.  We do a great many different things including Silat, which I enjoy.  His knowledge is exceptional.”

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