So What’s On Offer?

Here at The W.A.I – Warrior Arts of Indonesia we like to think that we have a few interesting things to offer.  For us it isn’t about just ‘touting’ a martial art style.  That is a part of course but it is far more than that.  The W.A.I stands not only for a team effort but also about being a co-operative and giving something back to Indonesia by joining forces with numerous individuals and helping them to grow their own businesses via increasing client base.  We have developed great relationships with individuals ranging from clothing design to digital media, including logo and web design.  Imagine, your own brand identity for your school or organisation complete with your very own clothing line.  We can provide a turnkey solution from concept to final output.

Have a look in more details of some of the additional services we offer further down on this page.

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Regular Friday class in London's West Hampstead

Other Classes

For full details about classes, groups and private tuition contact us


The W.A.I currently conducts seminars in Europe.

Want To Host Us?

To host an A.C.B workshop contact us. Other styles to follow.
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Training Camps

Wanted to always train out in Indonesia?

Off The Beaten Path

Lets make your Indonesia training dream real. Contact us.
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Check out what is on offer at our online shop.

In Development

New products being developed. Check our shop out.

Other Services

Via our Indonesian co-partners we can provide a complete brand solution for your Silat or martial arts school at extremely competitive rates.  Take a look at the tabs on the right to get a few more details on these services.  Don’t see what your looking for or need some advice?  Get in touch, we are here to help.

What People Say

“An accomplished martial artist,a great coach ,a true scholar of Silat and loyal friend are just a few phases that one could use to describe a person that I have been blessed to know on many levels… I first met with Johnny Silmon when I began studying Pencak Silat back in the 1990s.. Where we forrged a true friendship, one which has stood the test of time.”
“Johnny Silmon is a man of exceptional knowledge and talent. i have shared in two of his many trips to Indonesia and experienced first hand his knowledge of many different silat styles and seen the respect he has earned in the homeland of Indonesian martial arts. He is generous and open-hearted in sharing his knowledge, a man of great principle and fun to be with. Knowledge of this kind is hard earned.
If you get the chance to train with Johnny or learn from him in other ways – take it!
Guru Mark Young, Yorkshire Silat Academy
“Johnny Silmon is one of the pioneers of Indonesian martial arts in Europe. A superb individual his knowledge of the tradition is deep and wide. Not only a great teacher and Martial artist he’s also a great human being. Friendly, inclusive, and open to the new. Like a true warrior his strength isn’t on show but there when it’s needed. A great guy I can’t recommend him highly enough.”
Bob Breen, Breen 4D Combat