Sunday 21st February saw a renewed joining of forces with Pencak Silat Anyar Cimande Buhun & Silat Buka Lingkaran, for a Silat Seminar taking place at The Scout Hut in Water Orton, West Midlands.  Arriving on the Saturday evening with friend Martin Lopez, we met up with Alvin, Glen Lloyd, Keith Widdows and a couple of others for a wonderful curry at the Polash Indian Restaurant in Coleshill.  I am not much of a curry eater so it was a delicious yet safe Chicken Korma for me.

After the curry we headed over the the cinema to watch a very funny film called ‘Deadpool’.  It was a great night that set a relaxed mood ready for the next mornings event….  With a decent English breakfast washed down with coffee it was time to head over to the Scout Hut in Water Orton that has really become the home of Silat in West Midlands area.

The Silat Seminar

I kicked off the day with my 2.5 hour slot of Pencak Silat Anyar Cimande Buhun.  It was great to have two of my most dedicated guys in attendance, Allan Langley & Cliff Morrisson, in addition to the ACB crew I see at the scout hut every six to eight weeks.  It was a joy sharing with the new guys as well.  After a short break it was time for Alvin to share his Silat Buka Lingkaran and do what he does best.  What people may or may not know is that Alvin and I go back twenty years and have shared many experiences and changes during those times.  I am very proud to see how he has formed and grown SBL.

What I really loved most about the day was that sense of camaraderie and people just having fun.  There was a real unity with all in attendance sharing.  This idea is called Silaturahmi in Indonesia and it is the coming together of teachers and practitioners.  Truth is we are all students and never stop learning, unless we want to of course.

As the event was so well received Alvin & I may well combine in another joint workshop later in the year if schedules allow.  Keep an eye open for any updates right here on the site.